CRM 2013: How to remove Business Process Flow

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 comes out of the box with three system created Business Process Flows, one for Case, Lead and Opportunity.  They are activated and ready for use.


All existing CRM Cases, Leads, and Opportunities are defaulted to these new CRM 2013 Business Process Flows.  Here is an example for a Lead:


I very much like Business Process Flow – however there are some CRM projects that just don’t need them yet and would be better off – have them disabled.  So what is the best option to turn them off?

Here is a good approach:

Make a copy of the existing Business Process Flows.  CRM Client > Settings > Processes > open the Business Process Flow (i.e. “Lead to Opportunity Sales Process”) > click on the “Save As” button to make a copy of it for re-use in the future.



Now you can “Deactivate” the Business Process Flow in question and then “delete” it.


Check this out – there is no more Business Process Flow associated with CRM Lead records:




Contact me if you are looking for some Microsoft Dynamics CRM help.

Frank Lee, CRM MVP
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About Frank Lee

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/xRM consultant in San Francisco, USA.  Awarded the Microsoft MVP (Dynamics 365/CRM) 12 consecutive years from 2006 to 2018. Actively involved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations since Microsoft CRM v1.0 beta (2002). Super passionate about everything CRM, especially in the areas of Cloud Computing, A.I., Digital Transformation and Automation.
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9 Responses to CRM 2013: How to remove Business Process Flow

  1. This is just what I was looking for. The process flow that I want to remove however, won’t let me delete it. It comes up with this error –
    Managed Properties Error
    You cannot complete this action for this component because of the configuration of its managed properties.
    Any idea how to delete it anyway?

    • Steven Younger says:

      Has anyone ever answered you on this? We’re using CRM 2016 for six months and cannot find anyone to tell us how to turn off the BPF bar in the contacts or accounts form. We are about ready to dump Dynamics..It is absolutely the most recalcitrant application Microsoft has ever produced. We will never recover the hours wasted just trying to get a simple question answered. How do you turn off or delete the BPF bar?.

    • Could be the BPF is part of a managed solution which disable the customizable option. Check BPF’s “Managed Properties” via Setting >> Customization >> Process >> select the BPF and then check the “Managed Properties” setting.

  2. Hi Frank, Would just like to advise a word of caution in that I have had issues with migrating customizations (CRM2013 SP1) after the Phone to Case Process was deleted. I recommend disable and not to delete.

  3. Reblogged this on Dynamicsofdynamicscrm and commented:
    This is a good work-around to remove business process flows if you do not want them

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  5. Nithya says:

    Thanks for this post 🙂 Was confused when I see the Business process flow in the form even after deactivating it. Now got a way to go!

  6. sanderson says:

    the BPF’s is unique entities so just customize the security role for the users in question , and remove the rights for those flows you want hidden.

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