How To: Delete a CRM Business Unit

CRM Business Units (except for the root Business Unit) can be deleted since CRM 2011.

A Business Unit can be deleted only after it is disabled.  All related records such users, child business units, teams, facilities/equipment, resource groups, etc. to the business unit need to be removed or unassociated (assigned to another business unit) in order for the business unit to be removed from CRM.


There is a very useful out of the box Action available under the Business Unit record – “Reassign Records” that saves time:




A note regarding “The default business unit team cannot be deleted” – Every business unit has a default team (created automatically) and cannot be deleted.


There is no need to first delete the default team because the default team will be AUTOMATICALLY deleted when the associated business unit is deleted.

A good practice is to use the CRM Advanced Find to search/review for all the Teams associated with the to be deleted Business Unit that are not the default team.  Here is an Advanced Find example:  “TEST” is the Business Unit to be deleted



Final note: Unless there is a very good reason to delete existing CRM Business Units that have been in use – I would recommend rename and then disable them to save analysis/preparation time and minimize impact to production operation.  You still have the option to delete them in the future if needed.



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