Classic Solution Explorer Capabilities NOT yet available in Power Apps New Designer

Microsoft Power Apps Designer helps create Model Driven apps. However, there are capabilities in the Dynamics 365 Legacy / Classic Solution Explorer that are NOT yet available in the Microsoft Power Apps New Designer. Until then – use the Classic Solution Explorer to perform app making and customization tasks that can’t be completed from the Power Apps home page. Here are some Classic Solution Explorer capabilities NOT yet in Power Apps New Designer.

Relationship Behavior – Configurable Cascading

As of 5/25/2021. Dynamics 365 Legacy / Classic Solution Explorer supports modifying the Relationship Behavior of 1:N Relationship settings – such as setting the Type of Behavior from the default “Parental” to “Configurable Cascading“, Assign behavior to “Cascade None” instead of the default “Cascade All

Classic Solution Explorer
New Designer – unable to modify the Type of behavior

Form Navigation Area Editing

As of 5/25/2021. Dynamics 365 Legacy / Classic Solution Explorer supports form navigation area editing. Located on the left side of the classic form designer, use the navigation area to control access to related entities or to add links to URLs to be displayed in the main pane of the form. To edit navigation, you must first select the Navigation command in the Select group of the Home tab. No such editing option in the new Designer.

Classic Solution Explorer

Navigation Pane Item Custom Label

As of 5/25/2021. Dynamics 365 Legacy / Classic Solution Explorer supports Navigation Pane Item Custom Label. This allows for the editing of the Related Table (1:N Relationship) display label different than the table name.

Classic Solution Explorer
Custom Label display under Unified Interface App

Real-Time Workflows / Legacy Workflows / Business Process Flows

As of 5/31/2021. Dynamics 365 Legacy / Classic Solution Explorer supports the creations of Real-Time Workflows or Legacy Workflows. It also supports the creations of Business Process Flows (BPF). The Microsoft Power Apps New Solution Designer under the “Process” type can display Real-Time Workflows, Legacy Workflows and BPFs, however there is no option to create them. Need to Switch to classic to do this at this time.

New Solution Designer has NO option to create NEW Real-Time Workflows / Legacy Workflows / BPFs
Classic Solution Explorer New button allows creation of Workflows and BPFs

Activity Type Party List Field

As of 6/15/2021. Dynamics 365 Legacy / Classic Solution Explorer displays Party List type in Table (Entity) Columns (Fields). The only supported option to setup a new Party List field is via a Custom Activity Type table (entity) – and re-purpose the existing 11 Party List fields such as To, CC, Customers, etc.

Classic Solution Explorer displays Party List type

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Frank Lee
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About Frank Lee

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/xRM consultant in San Francisco, USA.  Awarded the Microsoft MVP (Dynamics 365/CRM) 12 consecutive years from 2006 to 2018. Actively involved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations since Microsoft CRM v1.0 beta (2002). Super passionate about everything CRM, especially in the areas of Cloud Computing, A.I., Digital Transformation and Automation.
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