Dynamics 365 Document Location Error – urloption is not defined

Encountered this error while setting up the Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM SharePoint Document Management – Document Location “urloption is not defined

Here is the Error Details

ReferenceError: urloption is not defined
    at Object.mscrm.Form_onload (https://demo210111.crm.dynamics.com/%7b637464136700026442%7d/webresources/SharePointDocumentLocation_main_system_library.js:1:1380)
    at pl._executeFunctionInternal (https://demo210111.crm.dynamics.com/uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.1967-2011.4:1142:3778)
    at pl.executeFunction (https://demo210111.crm.dynamics.com/uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.1967-2011.4:1142:3524)
    at pl.execute (https://demo210111.crm.dynamics.com/uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.1967-2011.4:1142:3339)
    at https://demo210111.crm.dynamics.com/uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.1967-2011.4:110:21987
    at i (https://demo210111.crm.dynamics.com/uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.1967-2011.4:235:88)
    at z._executeIndividualEvent (https://demo210111.crm.dynamics.com/uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.1967-2011.4:110:21963)
    at z._executeEventHandler (https://demo210111.crm.dynamics.com/uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.1967-2011.4:110:19076)
    at Object.execute (https://demo210111.crm.dynamics.com/uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.1967-2011.4:110:16470)
    at w._executeSyncAction (https://demo210111.crm.dynamics.com/uclient/scripts/app.js?v=1.4.1967-2011.4:765:692)

This error is due to Server-Based SharePoint Integration is NOT enabled. Usually this is the first step in setting up the out of the box D365 SharePoint integration. Only encountered this error while trying out a “test environment” and unable to find anything on the error message.

To enable the Server-Based SharePoint Integration navigate to Power Platform admin center > Select the Dynamics 365 Environment > Settings > Integration > Document management settings > Enable Server-Based SharePoint Integration

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Frank Lee
12 times awarded Microsoft MVP – Dynamics 365 / CRM
San Francisco Bay Area | Silicon Valley

About Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/xRM specialist in San Francisco, CA, USA.  Awarded the Microsoft MVP Business Solutions (Dynamics 365/CRM) 12 consecutive times from 2006 to 2018. Actively involved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations since Microsoft CRM v1.0 beta (2002). Super passionate about everything CRM, especially in the areas of Mobile and Cloud Computing, A.I., Digital Transformation, and Business Process Management (BPM).
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