How to Automatically Next Stage on Business Process Flow

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and CRM Online supports “Next Stage” action on the CRM Form’s current selected Business Process Flow (BPF) via JavaScript: Write scripts for business process flows


Using JavaScript saves the Microsoft CRM users time from manually clicking on the “Next Stage” in order to advance to the next Stage.  It also checks if the stage advance conditions have been met before advancing.

Here is the detail reference: (client-side reference)

Here is an example JavaScript that I would call from the CRM Form’s OnSave event:

function BPFMoveNext() {
   // Check if BPF is on current form
   if (Xrm.Page.getAttribute("processid") != null){;

Note: “processid” is the BPF’s ID, we need to check for the “proccessid” otherwise it will generate an error if there is no BPF used on the CRM form.


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One Response to How to Automatically Next Stage on Business Process Flow

  1. suleimanali says:

    I tried using the script(same code) on the save event as well, for a business process flow I have running but it didn’t work. Any reason why?
    Thank you, in advance.

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