Microsoft CRM 2015 Upgrade Requires CRM 2013 SP1

I’m currently working on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 upgrade to Dynamics CRM 2015 project.  That is 3 versions upgrade (4.0 >> 2011 >> 2013 >> 2015).  A lot of folks asked me should they upgrade to 2013 or 2015 given that 2015 was just released – November 2014.  Unless there is something that only 2013 offers then I would go with 2015 in a HEART BEAT!

One thing to note during the upgrade process – the final upgrade to CRM 2015 requires the CRM 2013 organization to be updated with CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 otherwise you will receive the following message:


The above message originated from our Microsoft CRM 2015 Upgrade Test environment where we had imported the CRM 2013 Organization to it.  I want to stress the importance of parallel upgrade test environments while keeping the CRM 4.0 Production environment intact.



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Frank Lee, Microsoft CRM MVP San Francisco
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About Frank Lee

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/xRM consultant in San Francisco, USA.  Awarded the Microsoft MVP (Dynamics 365/CRM) 12 consecutive years from 2006 to 2018. Actively involved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations since Microsoft CRM v1.0 beta (2002). Super passionate about everything CRM, especially in the areas of Cloud Computing, A.I., Digital Transformation and Automation.
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3 Responses to Microsoft CRM 2015 Upgrade Requires CRM 2013 SP1

  1. HIMBAP says:

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  3. Anthony says:

    Hi, I’ve encountered some issue upon import CRM 2013 online solution to CRM 2015 online.
    Which primarily the solution in the CRM 2013 online might be imported from CRM 2011.
    So, for now after imported the solution into CRM 2015, some entity’s form can’t load, it is stuck at “Loading Business Logic…”. Is this related to the form version? How can I solve this? Please advice.Thanks.

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