Polaris Update Notes

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update “Polaris” for CRM Online offers a number of exciting enhancements.

If you have an existing Microsoft CRM Online organization, here is how to apply the Polaris Update.  Note: I’d highly recommend creating a CRM Online test environment to assess the impact and readiness before performing the update on your production environment – it is a smart thing to do to plan this out to minimize any surprises – especially with existing CRM Form JavaScripts.

  • Login to the CRM Online Client >> Settings >> System >> Administration >> click on Product Updates


  • Click on “Update”


  • Click “Yes”.  Note: This update cannot be uninstalled


Note: The update process takes about 5 minutes


  • After the update, need to adjust the new forms.  Here is a Write-up on migrating customizations to the new forms.


There are new forms introduced with the update.  For example – a new “Account” main form is created in the Account entity.  This new form governs the new user interface.



Here are some post Polaris Update notes:

What does Enable new forms really do? 

It reset the form (if more than 1 main form available) for all CRM Online users incase they had selected the classic form previously.
Note: To keep only the classic form now – update the security role for the new form and remove the security roles from using it.





What happened to my Activity Feeds managed solution? 

Activity Feeds remain – Solution merge into Base Configuration – no longer as a operational managed solution that you import into CRM.  If you have imported it prior to the update, the update process will migrate it to the base configuration automatically and will remove the imported solution.  The Activity Feeds are still there.
Note: When you install Yammer – Activity Feeds will be replaced.  Yammer effectively replaces Activity Feeds. But you may choose not to set up Yammer, and to continue to use Activity Feeds. However, eventually Yammer will replace Activity Feeds per this Yammer FAQ.




If you are encountering some errors using the CRM forms after the upgrade, even after switching back to “classic form” – check this write-up.


Frank Lee, Microsoft CRM MVP since 2006

Workopia, Inc. – Cloud CRM


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM Online specialist. Microsoft CRM MVP since 2006
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