Initial CRM 2011 Outlook Client Settings

Here are some good initial Microsoft CRM 2011 Outlook Client settings that I’d suggest.  Note: Your organization’s initial Microsoft CRM settings may be different – always check with your CRM administrator for guidance:

  • Check only “Outlook Synchronization” under the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Diagnostics.  You can access the Microsoft CRM Diagnostics via Start >> Programs >> Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 >> Diagnostics



  • UN-checkUpdate Company fields with parent account names” under the CRM Outlook Client Synchronization setting tab:



  • CheckAllow other Microsoft Dynamics CRM users to send e-mail on your behalf.” and UN-checkCreate Contacts from the sender or organizer of tracked e-mail messages and meetings



Here is a good link to Microsoft CRM 2011 Online Outlook Client Installation checklist


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/xRM consultant in San Francisco, USA.  Awarded the Microsoft MVP (Dynamics 365/CRM) 12 consecutive years from 2006 to 2018. Actively involved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations since Microsoft CRM v1.0 beta (2002). Super passionate about everything CRM, especially in the areas of Cloud Computing, A.I., Digital Transformation and Automation.
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4 Responses to Initial CRM 2011 Outlook Client Settings

  1. how do i go about sending out an email on someone elses behalf after the settings have been adjusted for the proper users.

  2. Create the email activity and set the From to the user that is sending it out

  3. Judith McEntee says:

    How do I get Outlook Client to print the Set Regarding information on an email print. It worked in Outlook 2007, crm 4 but under Crm 2011 and Outlook 2010 it isn’t available.

  4. I would click the “View in CRM” and then print it – will show the regarding info.

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