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A lot of you may have been receiving the email notice sent out by the Microsoft team with the subject line: ACTION REQUIRED – Changes made to Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Internet Lead Capture function and wondered what it was all about.


In case you needed a refresher, the Internet Lead Capture was a new feature Microsoft CRM offered exclusively to its Microsoft CRM Online customers to help capture Leads via a web form hosted online. Potential customers navigating to your Internet Lead Capture Form/Page would just need to fill out the form and submit it and these will show up as “Internet Capture Leads” within CRM.

Now the only difference now is Microsoft will utilize their Windows Azure platform to host Internet Lead Capture Pages. The changes have already been finished recently and so your Internet Lead Capture Page(s) may have been affected and not working properly.

Microsoft CRM Online offers two methods of this implementation:

– Creating a custom webpage form hosted by Microsoft
– Obtaining the HTML components to integrate with your own website

Microsoft’s Official instructions are provided here on how to fix your problems (highlighted from image above):

From my understanding there seems to be still some glitches with the Internet Lead Capture Pages currently and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

But for those who are using the HTML Component prior to the MS CRM 2011 Online (v4.0) to power some of your existing web forms – the Microsoft’s documentation is a little misleading when it tells you “you don’t have to take any further action”. You may still need to do a bit of work/update. The reason is, simply, the newly generated HTML tags/attributes in Microsoft CRM Online (2011) are not the same as it was in Microsoft CRM Online (v4.0)!  And with the switched over to Azure to power the Microsoft Internet Lead Capture – any previously created HTML Components from Microsoft CRM Online (v4.0) days are re-created in MS CRM Online (2011) which will require update to work.


Here’s a look at some of the code that has changed – mostly what we are looking at are just the main form tag and a sample input tag (last name) that were changed automatically during the upgrade:


I’ve highlighted most of the difference between the old and the newer code. From what I can speculate the newer version has a lot more detail compared to the previous. They have added an extra parameter for the URL and have more meaningful id and name attribute values. This is definitely an improvement going forward but unfortunately that means some existing website pages will need some adjustments.

After making the replacements of the main form tag and all the input tags to our affected webpages, our Internet Lead Capture forms are working perfectly again.

It is a good idea to make a copy of the old webpages and work on it separately just to make sure you don’t tamper with the production pages while they are live.


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4 Responses to Internet Lead Capture issues – Microsoft CRM Online

  1. Becky Carr says:

    Hi Harold,

    Thanks for this – very informative! Fortunately (?) UK customers won’t be affected by this change, as Internet Lead Capture was only ever made available for customers in the US.

    The CRM Business – A UK-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialist

  2. Hong says:

    Is anyone having DNS issues after the updates? I am unable to view the pages using the new URLs.

  3. We have observe a few cases of this. Some ISP DNS such as AT&T in the US have problems with the new landing page. A work-around would be to use the Google DNS

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