How to Send One Email to Multiple Recipients and Track in CRM

There are times when I want to send an email to a group of folks under the BCC or CC area and also want to track that email in CRM linking to each of the individuals in the BCC or CC.  Although this is not as personalized as the Bulk E-mail Blast including Merge Fields and Pictures approach – it does keep it simple, quick, and doesn’t take up as much space – 1 email vs. numerous emails based on the number of BCCs.  This approach is great for general announcements or news that apply to everyone.
It is pretty simple to do this with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client – here are the steps:
1. Create the email you would like to send to everyone via BCC or CC in Microsoft Outlook and then click on the "Track in CRM" button.  Send the email.
2. Notice that only 1 corresponding Microsoft CRM Email activity was created and each of the BCC recipients are linked to a corresponding CRM Contact or Lead record matching the email address:
3. Orlando Gee, one of the BCC recipients above – the tracked email was referenced under "Orlando Gee" CRM Lead record’s History area for reference:

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2 Responses to How to Send One Email to Multiple Recipients and Track in CRM

  1. Pierre says:

    Don\’t you think that the BCC list auto tracking in CRM violates the intention of BCC.When an outlook e-mail is tracked in CRM that includes a BCC. This BCC also gets tracked and it shows up on the e-mail header. Some customers do not like this as it reveals to others something that was done confidentially.I posted this as a suggestion to not allow this behavior automatically.

  2. Frank says:

    You do bring up a good point. My preference would be that they allow for this option to cover the scenario where folks like to track it in CRM but not let the recipients be aware of the other recipients – "1 email" approach.

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