How To Setup CRM Product Pricing to Support Negative Amount

I had a customer help request that involves setting a few product items in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to mimic their Account/ERP system’s discount line items – where each of these line items yield a negative amount in an Order Product item.  The challenge here is that Microsoft CRM Quote/Order/Invoice Product entries will throw an error when the "Price Per unit" is a negative amount:
Here is how to work around this issue – use the "Quantity" and "Manual Discount" fields.
  1. Setup the "discount" Product items.  Here is a good video link on how to set up your product catalog
  2. From the Quote/Order/Invoice Product form, select the "discount" Product item
  3. Put in "0" for the "Quantity"
  4. Enter the amount of discount for the "Manual Discount"
Save and you will see the "Extended Amount" is now a negative value! 
You can also automate this using SDK/JavaScript or Workflow to automatically set the "Quantity" to "0′ and the "Manual Discount" to the proper value based on the selected "discount" Product item.
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2 Responses to How To Setup CRM Product Pricing to Support Negative Amount

  1. Pierre says:

    We have had to address this issue as far back as CRM 1.2. Because when you integrate with ERP (We do Dynamics SL) you need to look at the per unit price and if it is < 0 then apply the discount. Otherwise you use the per unit price. In a recent e-mail between me and Microsoft: Negative Dollar Amounts Solomon uses negative dollar amounts on orders and invoices. This allows for rebates and returns. MSCRM does not allow for negative amounts on Quotes/Orders/Invoices. Our work around is to put negative amounts in the Discount field. The problem is that these values are actually not discounts.Microsoft\’s Response: Negative dollar amounts on orders and invoices. The workaround that you outlined using the discount amount is appropriate for this situation. The inability to add negative dollar amounts on orders and invoices in Microsoft CRM is by design and a product suggestion should be entered.The ability to enter negative dollar amounts does exist in Solomon and the inability to enter that information in Microsoft CRM produces an inconsistent experience for user’s that use both systems. Using the discount amount to track the negative amounts can produce confusion for both the user and customer.If you think this is a problem, please tell Microsoft!

  2. Frank says:

    Hi Pierre! Agreed. I think CRM should support negative dollar amounts on quote/order/invoice – it is a better design which allows for flexibility on implementation. Hope to catch up with you at Convergence.

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