Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 & CRM Online Mail Merge – Links, Observations & Trouble-shooting Tips

The Mail Merge function in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and CRM Online integrates your Microsoft CRM data (Accounts/Contacts/Leads/etc.) with the power of Microsoft Word and Outlook Mail Merge capabilities.
Here are some good links, observations & trouble-shooting notes:
Video: Mail Merge – Time: 08:03
This video will show how to create mail merge templates and create emails and Word labels with mail merge.
– Good Blog articles:

– If you encountered the following message while running the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mail Merge function:
"The document contains macros.  Macro language support for this application is disabled.  Features requiring VBA are not available…" 

If you are using Microsoft Word 2003, you can update the macro setting via Word’s Tools menu >> Macro >> Security.  Or if using Microsoft Word 2007 >> Trust Center Settings >> Macros Settings
If the Microsoft Word Macro warning message keeps appearing even if you had enabled all macros, try the following:
1. run the Microsoft CRM 4.0 or CRM Online Mail Merge using the Microsoft CRM Outlook Client and NOT the Microsoft CRM Web Client. 
2. if using Microsoft Word 2003 – you will need to run the Microsoft CRM Mail Merge using the Microsoft CRM Outlook Client.
3. if you have the Microsoft CRM Outlook Client installed – you will need to run the Microsoft CRM Mail Merge using the Microsoft CRM Outlook Client
4. If you are using Microsoft CRM Web Client only (Microsoft CRM Outlook Client is NOT installed on the same PC) – you need to use Microsoft Word 2007
So the best practice is to run the Mail Merge via Microsoft CRM Outlook Client whenever possible.
– Save the Microsoft Word 2003 or 2007 Mail Merge template as "XML Document (*.xml)" format so that you can attach it to a Microsoft CRM Mail Merge Template

– Microsoft CRM Mail Merge doesn’t support field merge in the Email’s subject line.  If you want to personalize the Email’s subject line – consider using Microsoft CRM E-mail Template instead.  Here is a link on How To Bulk Email Blast using Microsoft CRM
– Microsoft CRM Mail Merge doesn’t support sending out as another user, it sends out as the CRM user running the Mail Merge.  Use Microsoft CRM’s other merge features such as Bulk Email, Quick Campaign/Campaign (non Mail Merge option) or Workflow Email to email out if you need to send out as another user.
– Microsoft CRM Mail Merge doesn’t support Email attachments.  Review this blog article for Bulk Email with Attachments support in Microsoft CRM
– If sending Emails via Mail Merge, be sure to review your Microsoft CRM Mail Merge Word document template (save as a HTML format) in Internet Explorer to see how the content and layout appear in a web browser and adjust if needed

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