Mobile Option: Microsoft CRM 4.0 Mobile Express

Exciting news – the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Mobile Express is available for preview.  The 4.0 Mobile Express could be an excellent option to setup for most Small to Medium Businesses (SMB) that want to access Microsoft CRM data via their mobile PDA phones.
You can download the Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Preview and give Microsoft CRM team feedback through newsgroups at:
Please note:  This is a Preview "Beta" release so install it in a TEST environment to try it out first.
Here is the original blog write-up by Barry Givens at Microsoft:
Some initial observations:
1.  The installation is SUPER easy!  It is completely wizard driven vs. the previous Microsoft CRM v3.0 Mobile Express which was 100% manual
2.  The look and feel are pretty much the same as Microsoft CRM v3.0 Mobile Express which is a good thing since this allows it to work across the majority of the PDA phones out there.  The client was written to work with any HTML 4.01 compliant browser and requires no JavaScript to work.  This is the classic "Keep it Simple" design approach which I always prefer
3.  Besure to work with your IT/Network Administrator to securely setup (SSL, firewall routing, etc.) the acess from the outside to your Mobile Express website.  Need to be extra careful with the PDA phone acessing your CRM data since the Mobile Express is installed on the CRM Server
4.  You can update the number of records displayed per view via the following:
>> Open the Web.config file located in "Program Files\Microsoft Mobile Express\MobileApplication\" folder
>> Set the "RecordsPerPage" value (default is 10)


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4 Responses to Mobile Option: Microsoft CRM 4.0 Mobile Express

  1. Greg says:

    Step 3 (above) is giving me an issue. The admin guide doesn\’t say anything about accessing your data from your mobile device. What is the URL that needs to be typed into your mobile device? I know the IP will be specific to your company (as will the port), but what about after that?

  2. Frank says:

    If you have access to the network router/firewall, could be as simple as setup the router to access the Mobile Express Website from the Outside just like publishing any website. However, need to review the security protocols needed – setting up SSL/HTTPS, Firewall, etc.

  3. Stephen says:

    Just reviewed the July release. It was easy to set up. If you have IFD configured, it works right through it. Review is on

  4. Frank says:

    Correct, with the final release of the Microsoft CRM Mobile Express, it fully supports IFD. That would be the way to go since it is all setup for internet access

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