What’s Next: Microsoft CRM 3.0 Mobile

We’ve finally got a chance to play with the just released Microsoft CRM 3.0 Mobile, the setup from the implementation guide was pretty straight forward (for us anyway) and our initial environment was up and running in a few hours.  We’ve decided to start with the Dell Axim x51v PDA.  The main reason we went with the Axim x51v vs. one of them hot PDA phones is that it will serve as a good baseline – the x51v fulfilled all the Microsoft CRM 3.0 Mobile requirements with extra room to spare… except for the phone part…  And it supports VGA screen resolution mode – 480×640 baby!!!  Check out the screen shots below, isn’t VGA awesome – so much more space!!!
Here are some notes on putting this initial environment together:
1. Have a baseline Microsoft CRM 3.0 environment that is running properly, setup the environment with only Microsoft CRM 3.0 required components as much as possible to minimize trouble-shooting variables down the road.
2. Make sure that someone in your team knows about SSL setup if you are setting up your own Certificate Authority (CA) via Microsoft Certificate Services.
3. Use a good "remote control" PDA tool such as the Pocket Controller Professional from SOTI.  This saved us a lot of time!!!  I’m able to terminal service into our Microsoft CRM 3.0 test environment running Microsoft CRM 3.0 Mobile and also "remote control" the x51v while being far away from the lab – very cool!
More Microsoft CRM Mobile links:
Lastly, lot of folks asked me what is the big deal about Microsoft CRM Mobile…  And my response is that it will be the next practical "must have" technology for the majority of outside field representative roles in the Small Medium Businesses space!  Because they can "afford" to implement it now.  Welcome any comment if you agree/disagree?


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